"When the ashcloud covered the airspace in 2010, ending up with more than 100,000+ flights cancelled, Aurélie Valtat, Eurocontrol Communication Officer, realises that website updates are far too slow, so she decides to make information available using social media networks instead. This is how a hyperthinker saves a crisis situation, by changing the established rules."
Philip Weiss
at TEDx Gateway
Over the last 14 years of advising leading global companies, Philip Weiss developed the Hyperthinking model that reformulate the mindset we need in a age of networks and perpetual change: Be part of it and find solutions that are not always visible, better understand the perspective of others, learn to be creative in a systematic way...
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Marie Curie at European Commission
"Networks don’t just change the way we interact with each other; they change the way we think, we learn and how we make decisions. Philip Weiss’ HyperThinking captures the essence of the changes convincingly and provides you with a clear route to the thinking process you will need to survive and thrive in this radically new and fast changing business environment."

Thomas Power, CEO and founder